How To Hide Pictures in Instagram Without Deleting Them?

With the passing of time, Instagram  has become one of the social networks with more users, so it is not surprising that many people want to protect the publications they make in their account. That is why the social network offers a simple way to hide your photos without having to erase them.

To archive a publication as a security measure or for not wanting to offer a certain information temporarily, we will explain how to hide your photos or videos without having to delete them.

Open the Instagram application and go to our profile, where we will have to enter those publications that we want to hide, click on the three points  that appear at the top and click on “archive”.

After doing that, the post will not be listed in your profile, but that does not mean it has been deleted. Now only you can continue to see it and you even have the opportunity to undo this change at any time.

You can also view someone else’s Insta Dp in full size without letting them know.

If you archived some photographs or videos, to see them again you only have to click on the icon in the form of a clock that appears at the top of your profile.

This way you will have access to the archived photos, which will now appear in the chronological order in which you published them.

Click on one of them and you can see it on the screen and if you want to publish it again, click on the three points that appear at the top and you will have the option to publish it or delete it forever.

Since your publications are so important to you, you also have the option of backing up all the posts you have published.

To access this section, just click on the menu that appears at the top.

In this case the stories are also arranged chronologically and, in addition to seeing them again, we have several options available: save them on the device, delete them, share them by private message, highlight them in the profile and see which people saw them.

This option in the social network allows you to remember your publications. The option to hide the photos is only offered by the mobile application of the social network.

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